Sunday, October 17, 2010

Namibe Pics

I was in Namibe city over night and took advantage of the morning before I left to walk around and take pics of the cute little port city.  I still need to do research, but I think Namibe was  a large slave port, sending slaves to places like Brazil and Sao Tomé.  It really resembles Inhambane in its architecture though Namibe is much larger than tiny Ibane.

Big rock

Olive trees!  This area in the dessert used to be the only producer of olive oil in Angola.  Supoosedly they still produce some.

Goodies that I never eat cause they are not truly sweet or have meat in them

A cute abandoned van near the railroad

The railroad

close up of paint on a building

A house with a railroad fence

if the Portuguese did something right it was the decorations on the houses.  Some are really nice

Boats in Namibe harbor

Mozambique's Eduardo Mondlane Avenue in Namibe

Lazy dog on a Sunday


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