Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tundavala in National Geographic

NatGeo has a site called "Your Shot" where photographers can submit their incredible photos, for a variety of reasons, and if selected, get put on the site and I think get put into a contest in the future.  Tundavala made the shot and the image is included here below by photographer David Ligeiro.  I could do that :)

Click on the link below to see the Tundavala shot in more detail and more "your Shot" photos 


Tundavala is a volcanic fissure (technically a chasm--had to look that up) in the south of the province I live in, Húila.  It is AMAZING.  2225 meters to the bottom, which is sea level I believe, at the village of Bibala.  One of my students teaches there!

It was 230pm when I left my house and thought about putting the trip off because it looked like it was going to rain something serious.  I am so glad we did end up going.  Apparently, our rain comes from the Cristo mountain, not Tundavala, so the weather is never the same in the two places.

Driving in we saw what looked like a small canyon on the right and lots of fog moving in really fast

Once we got to the place we couldn't see anything, but since the fog was moving so fast I assured Albertina (my student and friend) that we would be in the clear soon.

The sun tried to peak through.  These rocks in the background totally dissapeared at one point, the fog was so thick.

Albertina sulking and taking a walk.  She was walking towards the background of the photo...

Towards this.  This is where the clouds parted before our eyes and... 


What a view!

This little village you see in the distance is Bibala, the place where my student teachers English.

Me, standing in fear, but happiness as well.

I just love the color saturation in this, the road home.

Monday, December 6, 2010