Saturday, July 31, 2010

Access / YES Camp

I got to go back to Mozambique for 10 days or so to help out with a kids' English camp.  It was for Access and YES participants.  Access is the State Department's microscholarship program for English and leadership lessons for kids in particular countries.  And YES--Youth Exchange and Study is a program that sends young people to live in the USA for a year, share about their own countries, live with a family, go to high school, and learn more about American culture.  The kids were fabulous and I was very impressed.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Himba sounds & moving pictures

A scene from the Village

Audio only of the kids singing and dancing (I was recording paparazzi style so they wouldn't stop singing)

Jimmy, one of Diane's good friends back in Opuwo and tour guide, dancing with the kids

Some more cute singing

Back in Maputo

Arrived after an early start in Windhoek (Marita & Zimmy& Marguerite got up 5am to take me to the airport).  These were the best photos I took from the plane.  After I took, like 50 shots, I heard other people taking out their cameras and joining in the fun.

Me & Diane & the Himba tribe near Opuwo, Namibia

I had a great visit with Diane, an old friend from when I lived in Mozambique.  She is not old, just a friend from the past :)

We went to visit the Himba tribe and it was awesome.  All these years in Africa and I have never had that stereotypical experience...i guess that is good so that is shows people that all of africa is not like this, but wow!  what a great experience it was.  Photos below, stories to follow.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Otuzemba Kinder

My friend, Diane, does teacher training at this Kindergarden, trying to get more student centered teaching and trying to integrate play into learning.  The kids were cute.  I thank them for letting me come visit with my camera.

Animal Lesson

Oh be careful little eyes what you see

Animal Lesson Quiz

I love Jesus, he's my friend

Kumbaya my Lord

There's no other way...only Jesus

Otuzemba Kinder Slideshow Extravaganza!

I didn't have time to edit them so it might be long, but it's cute. 

My friend, Diane, has been doing some teacher training at the Otuzemba Kindergarden, started by her Missionary friends near her house in Opuwo, Namibia.  The director allowed me into their school, class, & playground with my big camera and allowed me to capture their learning for a bit.  It was funny to see how quickly the camera became more interesting than the lesson.  I had to keep hiding it or pretending that it wasn't on to get the most natural images I could.  The kids seemed to like the visit, though.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Squawky Bird?

Ondjiva, Angola I was trying to capture the peacock with my camera and hear this noise. It didn't end up being of the bird species at all. Some drunk guys were just trying to make a funny. They sounded like monkeys or something else.